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29/10/2019, 01:33



Growing businesses call for growing demands for resources, equipment, infrastructure, skill set and man power. Among those needs, one of the most important enhancement is the upgradation of the information technology infrastructure. In that too, the growing business directly affect the data storage capacity of the business. It asks for a shift towards a more scalable, efficient and robust data storage solution like hyper converged backup.

Sudden Deployment of Hyper converged backup 

What most of the enterprises do is that they decide to switch to hyper converged backup all at once, without exactly figuring out what it will feel like and would there be any backfire. The better way is to go for an approach that takes you to the complete deployment of the infrastructure phase wise.

Advantages of Gradually Deploying Hyper converged backup 

It helps you slowly get accustomed with the new data storage infrastructure. What happens is that if there is a particular area or a component that is not working properly, it can be fixed in time or a step can be taken backwards because it is easier at the beginning. 

As the business starts feeling the change, you can go towards the other phase of transitioning towards hyper converged backup. It is already a very easy to deploy and maintain storage solution and does not really become a headache for the enterprises shifting towards it.

Ways To Gradually Deploy Hyper converged backup 

The experience although can be further enhance if businesses adapt a phase wise approach in which they do not transfer their entire data to Hyper converged backup. Instead it can be done gradually by transferring for example archival data first, then the other tier data or it can also be done department wise. 

Another way is to first install an on premise hyperconverged data storage solution and see what happens. Once everything seems fine, an offsite data storage can be added and then the virtualization should be brought into play and cloud back up should be deployed.   

Another point in this approach is that the existing IT staff can be given training to maintain, run and use hyper converged backup in an optimum manner to maximize the advantages. It largely can make the transition swift and effective for the enterprise as no one gets to do something different overnight. 

Haste Can Make Waste Even With Hyper converged backup 

Instead of completely deploying any data storage solution at once and then figuring out that there is something which is not actually benefitting because of any deployment decision that has gone wrong where nothing can be done without involving too much cost, gradual deployment is far better.     


Enterprises can make the most out of the deployment of hyper converged backup by deploying in phase wise and not all at once. A Gradual deployment of hyper converged backup makes it possible for the enterprises to explore all the possibilities of having a HCI deployed in their environment.  




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