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14/10/2019, 01:32



Hyperconvergedcluster is capable of making positive and noticeable changes in theexisting infrastructures and offers far more ease of use, simplicity andflexibility. There have been many instances where hyperconverged infrastructure proved to be the right decision forstate and local agencies. 

A Success Story ofHyperconverged Infrastructure 

In the county named Milwaukee, the agencies decided to have hyperconverged infrastructure to solvethe problem of low speed phone calls. Speed was the requirement of thegovernment agencies and organizations, and hyperconverged infrastructure hadall the answers. 

What HyperconvergedInfrastructure Offered to Milwaukee County

Hyperconvergedinfrastructure provided a high performance and fast data storage solutionwhich enabled to have high speed phone calls without involving the offsiterouters to which calls had to go to and fro. Instead, hyperconverged infrastructure provided an on- premise fast solutionwhich enhanced the performance and speed of the agency. 

The deployment of a new IP phone system called as Avaya, wasmade too easy and beneficial for the county with the help of hyperconverged servers. Due tothe compute, network and storage put together all in one smaller appliance,makes it a fast, reliable, easy to manage, scale and maintain data storagesolution. Performance and speed of the system get improved with the agility,flexibility and storage capacity of the hyperconvergedinfrastructure that is virtually unlimited. 

HyperconvergedInfrastructure Offers Virtualization

Server and storage virtualization is one of the feature thatmakes things really easy for the organizations and enterprises which are dealingwith mission critical data and need speed and high performance to meet theirdaily needs and requirements. 

HyperconvergedInfrastructure Is Better Than What They Thought 

HCI is becoming a data storage solution that is no moreconsidered to be suitable for few use cases. Hyperconverged infrastructure’s credibility has certainly grown up toa limit that now businesses with mission critical data are also favoring andrelying on hyperconverged infrastructurefor their data storage problems and limits to be solved and removed. 

With time, hyperconvergedinfrastructure has evolved and adapted to the modern requirements to becomemore popular with the addition of Non Volatile Memory which provides speed andthe solid state drives.    

What HyperconvergedInfrastructure Did With Milwaukee County 

When Milwaukee County adapted hyperconverged infrastructure, there was a significant improvementin the speed and reduction of time that was taken by the phone calls. The fastspeed made it possible to perform more in less time which raised theproductivity of the agency. 

Hyperconvergedinfrastructure provides terabytes of data storage capacity, so it is alwaysa good decision for government agencies and counties which are still workingwith old school infrastructures. 


Hyperconvergedinfrastructure has all the capability and resources and is also loaded withfeatures to enable businesses and organization to have better speed,performance, reliability, agility and flexibility. Milwaukee County is just oneexample where hyperconvergedinfrastructure has made the difference and solved the data storageproblems, but do tell us one of the many success stories of thisinfrastructure.  




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