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01/08/2019, 01:45

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Why Choose theBest When You Have options to Test? Wheneverwe are facing a problem, we are always looking for the best solution possible.Have you ever gone to a second best or a third best doctor when needed in aserious situation God forbid? The answer is No. If the problem is related todata storage and backup, the best solution is Hyperconverged Systems

Then why choosesecond, third best solution when it comes to one of the most valuable commodityof your life that is Data?

Significance of data Storage and Backup

When it comes todata protection and data security, people are least bothered about it and thisis not understandable. There have been incidents in our personal as well asprofessional life that people around us keep on losing their mission criticaldata. They do not even have backup for their data and this is why they sufferhuge loss. 

Had there been adata backup system hired or installed, data retrieval would have been easy andthe loss could be avoided. Mind you that you do not necessarily have to be theCEO of an enterprise to need data backup. 

Even if you havea small amount of data to store, why not hire the services of data storage andbackup providers to make sure you keep what is important and closer to you.

Enterprises Need Hyperconverged Storage theMost 

Let us now talkabout the enterprises now. If you own a business or are responsible for thedata security of your company, the first thing that should pop up in your mindis to back up the data. When it comes to taking the backup for your data youmust leave no stone unturned. 

Data is the mostimportant element for any business and you just can’t afford losing it. So thestrategy and decisions need to be made wisely for the data to keep it secure,accessible and protected from not only malicious attacks but also from thenatural disasters as well. 

Keeping in viewevery aspect of risks from the outside world, the best solution for medium andbig size businesses up to the enterprise level businesses, software defined storage solution is the best.

Hyperconverged Storage Solution

It providescomputing, networking and storage features in one solution which makes it thebest and easiest solution to acquire, use and manage for the enterprises. Inaddition to the three main features, hyperconvergedstorage also enables the enterprises to have a virtualization feature whichis built in in this solution. This virtualization actually makes it possible tobecome compatible with the cloudstorage. 

Thesimplification it offers to the data storage and backup processes is what makesit most desirable solution for the enterprises. Remember that enterprises donot have to learn the new technology or train their staff to get equipped. Inthis way, the hyperconverged storageappliances are easier to use as these are plug and play devices with everythingin them. 


Considering thefeatures of hyperconverged storage,we can infer that the data storage is supposed to be flawless and possibly withno or minimum chances of downtime. Whatever solutions makes sure that there isno downtime possible, should be considered as the best solution. One of them isfor sure hyperconverged storage.      




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