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nas vm appliance



A nasvm applaince comprises of an architecture which is not dependent on ahardware. It separates the storage software from the underlying hardware. Itmakes it a flexible and easy to deploy and manage architecture. It offersseveral benefits to the businesses which are tired of the rigidity of legacystorage architectures and are growing fast as a business. 

For these enterprises or fast growing businesses software defined storage solutions canbe really beneficial. This is how; 

Pick Your Hardware ToRun The Software On 

Yes, you read it correctly, when you choose a Software Defined Solution, you do notnecessarily have to compromise on the same vendor for the hardware. Rather, youget the liberty to select the hardware of your choice. Any commodity or x86server can be bought from the market and your SDS can run efficiently on it. 

Cost effectiveness IsThe Real Concern

When businesses are growing fast, their big concern is tokeep the costs under control while upgrading and keeping the infrastructure upto date to meet the coming challenges. In this regard, software defined storage is very beneficial in that it enablesenterprises to only buy what exactly they need.

For example, it allows to scale out rather than scaling up.It makes them pay storage capacity or performance, whichever one is needed. Sothey do not have to pay for anything unnecessarily.
Software DefinedSolution Is Adjustable

Have you ever wished for a data storage solution that canadjust automatically to the changing demands and requirements of data storagecapacity? Software defined storageis that dream solution for you then.

As SDS is not hardware dependent, it is possible to easilyor automatically pull the storage capacity from any volume of storage it isconnected to. It is really beneficial because it makes it easily adjustable tochanges which are coming really fast in business needs for storage capacitythese days.
Software definedStorage is Welcoming For Multiple Sources

With softwaredefined storage solution, you can gather the sources which are requiredto shape up your storage environment. Users can bring together objectplatforms, flash and disk resources, the external disks, cloud based resourcesand also the servers (virtual) in a network. What it does is that it makes thestorage system a unified one, to provide more functionality and efficiency tothe infrastructure.

Software DefinedStorage Solutions are Scalable to No Limits

There is virtually no limit to the extent to which a software defined solution can bescaled. The addition of more storage capacity can be continued to eternity asthe business keeps on growing and growing. This is one benefit which makes SDSa completely future proof data storage solution for the enterprises of all theindustries in the world.


Fast growing enterprises and businesses have the best optionpossible in software defined storagesolutions for their ever growing business and data storage capacity needs. Theycan avail the flexibility, scalability, easy management and deployment, all inone solution, by buying softwaredefined storage.
29/10/2019, 01:33



Growing businesses call for growing demands for resources, equipment, infrastructure, skill set and man power. Among those needs, one of the most important enhancement is the upgradation of the information technology infrastructure. In that too, the growing business directly affect the data storage capacity of the business. It asks for a shift towards a more scalable, efficient and robust data storage solution like hyper converged backup.

Sudden Deployment of Hyper converged backup 

What most of the enterprises do is that they decide to switch to hyper converged backup all at once, without exactly figuring out what it will feel like and would there be any backfire. The better way is to go for an approach that takes you to the complete deployment of the infrastructure phase wise.

Advantages of Gradually Deploying Hyper converged backup 

It helps you slowly get accustomed with the new data storage infrastructure. What happens is that if there is a particular area or a component that is not working properly, it can be fixed in time or a step can be taken backwards because it is easier at the beginning. 

As the business starts feeling the change, you can go towards the other phase of transitioning towards hyper converged backup. It is already a very easy to deploy and maintain storage solution and does not really become a headache for the enterprises shifting towards it.

Ways To Gradually Deploy Hyper converged backup 

The experience although can be further enhance if businesses adapt a phase wise approach in which they do not transfer their entire data to Hyper converged backup. Instead it can be done gradually by transferring for example archival data first, then the other tier data or it can also be done department wise. 

Another way is to first install an on premise hyperconverged data storage solution and see what happens. Once everything seems fine, an offsite data storage can be added and then the virtualization should be brought into play and cloud back up should be deployed.   

Another point in this approach is that the existing IT staff can be given training to maintain, run and use hyper converged backup in an optimum manner to maximize the advantages. It largely can make the transition swift and effective for the enterprise as no one gets to do something different overnight. 

Haste Can Make Waste Even With Hyper converged backup 

Instead of completely deploying any data storage solution at once and then figuring out that there is something which is not actually benefitting because of any deployment decision that has gone wrong where nothing can be done without involving too much cost, gradual deployment is far better.     


Enterprises can make the most out of the deployment of hyper converged backup by deploying in phase wise and not all at once. A Gradual deployment of hyper converged backup makes it possible for the enterprises to explore all the possibilities of having a HCI deployed in their environment.  
14/10/2019, 01:32



Hyperconvergedcluster is capable of making positive and noticeable changes in theexisting infrastructures and offers far more ease of use, simplicity andflexibility. There have been many instances where hyperconverged infrastructure proved to be the right decision forstate and local agencies. 

A Success Story ofHyperconverged Infrastructure 

In the county named Milwaukee, the agencies decided to have hyperconverged infrastructure to solvethe problem of low speed phone calls. Speed was the requirement of thegovernment agencies and organizations, and hyperconverged infrastructure hadall the answers. 

What HyperconvergedInfrastructure Offered to Milwaukee County

Hyperconvergedinfrastructure provided a high performance and fast data storage solutionwhich enabled to have high speed phone calls without involving the offsiterouters to which calls had to go to and fro. Instead, hyperconverged infrastructure provided an on- premise fast solutionwhich enhanced the performance and speed of the agency. 

The deployment of a new IP phone system called as Avaya, wasmade too easy and beneficial for the county with the help of hyperconverged servers. Due tothe compute, network and storage put together all in one smaller appliance,makes it a fast, reliable, easy to manage, scale and maintain data storagesolution. Performance and speed of the system get improved with the agility,flexibility and storage capacity of the hyperconvergedinfrastructure that is virtually unlimited. 

HyperconvergedInfrastructure Offers Virtualization

Server and storage virtualization is one of the feature thatmakes things really easy for the organizations and enterprises which are dealingwith mission critical data and need speed and high performance to meet theirdaily needs and requirements. 

HyperconvergedInfrastructure Is Better Than What They Thought 

HCI is becoming a data storage solution that is no moreconsidered to be suitable for few use cases. Hyperconverged infrastructure’s credibility has certainly grown up toa limit that now businesses with mission critical data are also favoring andrelying on hyperconverged infrastructurefor their data storage problems and limits to be solved and removed. 

With time, hyperconvergedinfrastructure has evolved and adapted to the modern requirements to becomemore popular with the addition of Non Volatile Memory which provides speed andthe solid state drives.    

What HyperconvergedInfrastructure Did With Milwaukee County 

When Milwaukee County adapted hyperconverged infrastructure, there was a significant improvementin the speed and reduction of time that was taken by the phone calls. The fastspeed made it possible to perform more in less time which raised theproductivity of the agency. 

Hyperconvergedinfrastructure provides terabytes of data storage capacity, so it is alwaysa good decision for government agencies and counties which are still workingwith old school infrastructures. 


Hyperconvergedinfrastructure has all the capability and resources and is also loaded withfeatures to enable businesses and organization to have better speed,performance, reliability, agility and flexibility. Milwaukee County is just oneexample where hyperconvergedinfrastructure has made the difference and solved the data storageproblems, but do tell us one of the many success stories of thisinfrastructure.  




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